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Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request

Fire flow requirements and request a fire hydrant flow test

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Note: There has been a change in process as of November 16, 2021.

Fire flows will not be completed along the LRT route or side streets where overland flow may impact the tracks. Fire flows may not be completed in other areas with key customers or additional restrictions may be requested (e.g. night time request).  In these areas, either previous tests will be provided (if available) or further direction will be provided regarding modelling information.

Kitchener Utilities will provide all equipment for the fire flow test with the exception of pitot and pressure gauges. The only equipment the consultant or contractor is asked to bring is a pitot gauge and a pressure gauge that can be attached to a standard 2.5” hydrant port. Kitchener Utilities will provide and set up the diffuser, socks and take care of all dechlorination. We will also operate the hydrant as required. Requestor is to complete the test in accordance with NFPA 291 Recommended Practice for Water Flow testing and asking of Hydrants, most recent version.

If you require a new hydrant flow test:

  • review the fire flow requirements document to see if there are already test reports available and review other requirements
  • fill out this form
  • failure to provide a pitot and pressure gauge will result in the service call being cancelled

Note: date and times are not guaranteed, someone will call to confirm your booking. Once your test is complete, results must be sent by email.

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