Final Inspection Request

Prior to Home Occupancy

5 Business Days Notice is Required

Please submit this request when you are ready for the final appliance inspection. Failure to have all appliances inspected prior to occupancy will
result in gas supply termination or suspension until appliances are inspected and are in compliance with the gas code. Kitchener Utilities is responsible for for inspecting all gas appliances that are installed in the home prior to occupancy as per TSSA 212/01 requirement under section 7. (1). When booking this appointment, please ensure all appliances are ready and operational. If a service technician is on site and appliances are not ready, this will result in an hourly service call fee.

Builder information

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Please read the following steps below when requesting a meter or final gas appliance inspection:

Step 1: Fill out the "Meter Set Request Application" form. The form must be completed and sent in before an appointment can be made.

Step 2: Submit the form online, by email to , or by fax to 519-741-2789.

Step 3: Call 519-741-2529, select option 3 to schedule a meter set. Please allow 5 business days' notice.

Step 4: Kitchener Utilities will hang the meter provided the following items are met (reference checklist below):
- must have permanent gas piping in place
- tagged and pressure tested
- must be gas tight (manometer test will be performed)
- if the house has hydro, gas pipe needs to be bonded

If any of the above fails, the meter will not be hung and may result in an hourly service call fee.

Step 5: Contractor to install/initiate gas appliances as per the B149 code and manufacturer's instructions. Tags must be on all appliances that are installed.

Step 6: Builder to complete/submit "Final Inspection Form" prior to occupancy and call 519-741-2529, select option 3 to book a final inspection appointment. Please allow 5 business days' notice.

Note: all appliances must be operational. Any infractions will result in delays in passing the final inspection. Once infraction is corrected, please complete and resubmit the final inspection form. If the final inspection is not complete, the gas will be shut off.

Personal information is being collected under the authority of s. 28(2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and will be used for final inspections from the City of Kitchener. This information will be shared with staff who require it for their work as part of Kitchener Utilities and will be stored on a server owned by a Third Party Service Provider (eSolutions Group) located in Canada. The personal information collected herein will be used only for the purposes relating to the program and will be protected in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the MFIPPA. 

Inquiries about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information should be directed to the Business Development and Conservation Strategist, 131 Goodrich Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, N2C 2E8, (519) 741-2600 ext.4214.

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