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2020 Christkindl Market vendor application

Please review the following information and continue to the form.

Christkindl Market information

Location: Kitchener City Hall - first floor, second floor and Carl Zehr Square

Dates and times:

  • Thursday, Dec. 3 - 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Friday, Dec. 4 - 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, Dec. 5 - 9 a.m. - 9 .p.m.
  • Sunday, Dec. 6 - 10 - 4 p.m.

Christkindl Market is part of a tradition in Germany that dates back to the middle ages when farmers, tradesmen and artisans would meet around their churches with song, food and small gifts. The first open winter market was held in 1310 in Munich, Germany. Be part of this tradition today, and apply for a spot at Kitchener’s Christkindl Market! The Christkindl Market has expanded our offerings through the introduction of increased outdoor activities along King Street.

Learn more about the Christkindl Market.

Vendor selection process for the Christkindl Market

In an effort to create a more defined and transparent process for vendor selection, a selection process has been adopted for the Christkindl Market.  Past participation does not guarantee acceptance to this year’s event.  The selection of all Christkindl vendors will be achieved through a one-stage group juried selection process administered and facilitated by The Corporation of the City of Kitchener and the Christkindl Market Volunteer Committee.

The process for vendor selection will involve:

  1. Public Call for vendor proposals via print and on-line media.
  2. Jury selection: The Vendor Selection Jury will consist of: two local artisans/members of the business community, two City of Kitchener staff and two members of the Christkindl Market Volunteer Committee.
  3. Category: Each application will be placed in one of 4 categories.
  4. Criteria: A defined criteria, as outlined below, will be used by the Vendor Selection Jury in a weighted point system.
  5. Decision: First 60 highest ranked applications are determined by category, the remainder are determined based on space availability, category and final score.
  6. Successful applicants will be notified by email of their participation in the Christkindl Market.
  7. All applicants will receive a letter confirming their participation in the Christkindl Market or a letter declining their application for this year.

The Deadline for receipt of vendor proposals is Friday, June 26, 2020. Successful applicants can expect to be notified of their selection by Friday, August 14, 2020.

If you have any questions about the application process or form, send us an email.

Acceptance criteria

  • Product reflects/identify with traditional Christmas Market (4 points), traditional theme/heritage/culture, good fit, giftable
  • Previous experience in Christkindl or similar markets/shows (3 points)
  • Hand crafted (5 points) – handmade locally, handmade in Canada/Europe/USA, fair trade, commercial
  • Quality of product (5 points) – build material, durability, structure, ingredients
  • Uniqueness of product (4 points) – differentiated from other products, design, function and sale ability
  • Overall product/booth presentation (4 points) – professional display, imaginative, packaging

Product categories

Categories will be determined based on vendor’s product description. The City of Kitchener reserves the final decision on category assignment.

  • Clothing/Accessories/Jewellery – Adult, Children, leather, accessories (hats, scarves, mitts, belts metals, stones, costume, glass, beads)
  • Food – Hot/Cold/Specialty products, bakery, alcohol, pre-packaged items, prepared food onsite
  • Arts/Crafts/Christmas – functional, fabric, ceramic, sculptures, candles, wood, glass, paintings, bags, ornaments, wreaths, figurines, decor
  • Other – Environmental, pet, household, audio/video, Health & Body Products, Toys/Games, Non-Profit Organization/Charity, Churches, Fundraisers

Supporting material

Your application must include the following items in order for the application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Payments are NOT to be included until acceptance is confirmed. The City is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, support material.

  • 2020 vendor application form (this form)
  • Photos: 3 or 4 photos - 1 must include your booth display. We will not go to a website to print off pictures. Photos will not be returned.

    Attention vendors: You will be required to attach your photos to submit the online application.
    - Click here to learn how to reduce the size of photo files

  • Biography: Tell us about yourself in a few paragraphs and answer the following questions. Where else have you sold your product? Is your product unique in any way? How does your product reflect or identify with traditional Christmas Market? How does your product meet the acceptance criteria, in your opinion?
  • Product description: List, description and price of your products. (on page 3 of application- add a separate page if needed). Products not listed will not be allowed for sale. Samples will not be returned.

Price to exhibit

Indoor vendor

Each space includes: 1 skirted white table and 1 outlet (additional Electrical will be charged back). Bring your own low voltage (LED) lights (Max. 6).

Maximum 6' height restriction on products.

  • 4’ x 5’ space – $292.04 + HST ($37.96) = $330.00
  • 8’ x 5’ space – $561.95 + HST ($73.05) = $635.00

Outdoor food vendor

Each hut/space includes: 40 amp service (additional electrical will be charged back).

LOCATION OF OUTDOOR BOOTHS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS REQUIRED. Outside lights/décor are installed. Vendors are responsible for their own lighting and heating inside. Vendors will be required to accept up to $40 in volunteer food vouchers over the 4 days.  See terms and conditions for more details.

6’ x 10’ / 8’ x 10’ Wooden Hut (City/Committee to determine size based on placement location)

Price: $659.29 + HST ($85.71) = $745.00

Outdoor merchandise vendor on King St.

Each Hut/Space includes: 1 standard outlet (15 amp)

Outside lights/décor are installed. Vendors are responsible for their own lighting and heating inside.

Approximately 6’ x 6’ Wooden Hut (City/Committee to determine size based on placement location)

Price: $345.13 + HST ($44.87) = $390.00

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